Bad good habits

Reading the title of this article you probably thought that it’s going to be about bad habits and how to avoid or get rid of them. But, it is not. Now we are going to talk about good habits only. For example:

• We have developed the habit of attending Church every Sunday.
• Or to go to services in the middle of the week.
• We come in time to catch the glorification.
• We read the Bible every day.
• We communicate with God in prayer at least a few minutes per day.

Such and other good habits characterize good people.

Good habits have many positive qualities in everyday life.
Therefore, the Lord gave certain instructions to the chosen people, which helped them to act in the right way at the right time. It made a habit of communing with God. These habits include many holidays, Saturdays, etc.
Dedicate your day to God is a great habit that brings joy and benefit.
But why then did we begin to discuss this topic, if it is so obvious that positive habits lead us only to good? Unfortunately, there may be shortcomings in such things, which often in the spiritual life cancel all the benefits of habits developed for the good.

What can be wrong with good habits?
Good habit can hide a different purpose action.
Some people in the Church have one very significant problem. Thank God, this is not often, but still each of us may know a person who comes to Church every Sunday not to glorify God, to listen to sermons, to be filled spiritually or to receive good fellowship of brothers and sisters.
There are people who go to the Ministry to assert themselves at the expense of others, to show their position in society, new things, growing wealth, because perhaps in the world they do not succeed. They may not notice themselves, that in such way they are fueling their pride, considering going to Church a good habit.
And then it turns out that the phrase «a good habit» can not be so interpreted, because it brings trouble from the inside. Yes, it can happen if we do not try to understand when to follow the habits is good, and when it turns into bad.

The habit is good “Before…” and unacceptable “During…”

Well. To sum up. Where is the line? How to understand where the habit remains good, and where it grows into a bad sense?
Going to Church regularly is good. But it is bad to act there as in the world.
A habit to arrive on time to get to worship is perfect. But just out of habit to open our mouth during the song, without opening our hearts to God – who needs this?

It’s very good when you’re used to listening to sermons. But when you do it thoughtlessly, just because it is necessary, without analyzing, what is the sense of such habit?

How often have you caught yourself, that physically you present in the service. But your thoughts at this moment are somewhere far away? This is the result of habit. This is the case when good habit plays a bad joke on you. As soon as you notice that you stop thinking about your actions, try to change your perception of already familiar things.

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