How to choose your environment in right way?

We are going to talk about how to choose our social circle in right way and why it is important for every Christian. Do we need to give up certain people in our environment or just leave some social circles?

Bible says in Proverbs 13:20 «He who walks [as a companion] with wise men is wise, but he who associates with [self-confident] fools is [a fool himself and] shall smart for it.»
It’s quite difficult to overestimate the importance of people around us, agree?
Even if you are very independent in your opinions, people with whom you communicate can invisibly influence on your life. Little by little, they can change many things, which completely influence on your thoughts and can change them radically. The influence of your environment largely determines the course of your life, no matter how you try to prove the opposite.

It is important to surround yourself with wise people to become more successful in the Lord, to grow spiritually and to get the new heights.

Try to think about one man who lived the life of a loser. He had many difficulties, but one day he comes to Church, accepts Jesus in his heart, listens to the sermons about how God has prepared for him the best life. And he decides to live in a new way, to read the Bible, to go to the Church, to serve God and to believe in success. At the same time, he returns to his former environment, where people are already accustomed to failure, negative attitude for life and deny any kind of prosperity. And seeing the changes in this man, they try to” bring him down from heaven to earth”, reminding him of all the failures that they have experienced together. And in such moments, it does not matter how many sermons about God’s love he listened to and how much support he received in his new environment. These people know him much better, and his hands go down, because they get him where it hurts. So he starts again to live the same way as before, without changing anything.

Therefore, if you decide to change your life, it is important to think very responsibly whether to change your environment. Analysing how you are influenced by the people with whom you communicate at this moment, you can understand what your communication will give you in the future, in your new life. If you stay in the same environment, changes just can not come.

But first of all, we need to identify the people correctly, with whom we can break all ties, and those who are connected with us more closely. Perhaps those for whom we are responsible now, in the future they will try to return us to our former life. But being strong, for the closest people you can become such good environment as you were looking for before.

To get rid of unnecessary people you should ask yourself such questions:

Do your friends help you to make your dreams come true and to get your goals?

And the result is obvious.

If people next to you are not looking in the same way as you, if they do not want to grow and go to the dreams, then your ways should be separated.

We wish you to always have enough wisdom to know in time who is really next to you, and to have in your environment only those people who will help you to grow in the Lord, and strive for spiritual and material perfection in the glory of Jesus Christ.

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