Importance of goal and self-discipline.

How are they connected? In this article we will speak about goals and self-discipline. How much it is important to have goals. Christianity gives us great goals. Here on the Earth we make a lot of everyday goals. But the Bible tells us that the most important and the biggest goal for us is our life in Heavens. The Apostle Paul told us that if our hope upon God is only in this life we are the most miserable people. Why is it so important to have this goal? This helps to make our life on the Earth really dynamic, successful, rich and worthy. When we are motivated we can work a lot, we are full of inspiration and strength to overcome difficulties and switch on our creativity. As a result we see a lot to be changed in our life. So, it is impossible to reach any goal without motivation. The Bible tells that laziness (complete absence of motivation) leads to poverty and life without any result. The Book of Kings tells us the story about a very strong prophet Elijah. He was anointed by the Holy Spirit. He received revelation from God that Israel stopped to serve the Lord, they lost motivation and desire. Elijah proclaimed that there won’t be rain on the Earth until Israel repents. There was drought three and a half years. All this time Elijah was sought as they wanted to kill him but all this time he was in the normal spiritual condition in spite of the situation. How could he overcome this? He had the goal – revival of Israel. If you read the story up to the end you will see that there was sincere repentance and it started to rain. After that Elijah runs away and even wants to die as he didn’t have any goal and he didn’t know where to move forward. He wasn’t broken by difficulties but he could be broken by absence of goal. So when you go somewhere but you stumble and fall down, something goes wrong and you want to stop think about this. This doesn’t mean that you are weaker than others or that you are lazy and without self discipline. More like the reason is that you don’t have the real goal. Motivated person can quickly put away temptations that disturb spiritual discipline and lead him aside. Such person knows what he wants to reach and where he moves. In 1 Corinthians, chapter 9, the Apostle Paul said: “But I buffet my body and bring it into bondage, therefore I run so as to attain the prize”. After reading this short article ask yourself whether you have a really important goal in your life or maybe you are going the wrong direction as you couldn’t motivate yourself in the right way. You may listen more on this topic at out YouTube channel.

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