Shall we remember everyone in Heaven?

What will happen to our feelings and memories of our dear when we’re in Heaven? Shall we remember all of them? And what if not everyone we love are going to be redeemed? What shall we experience then?

Let’s begin with Apostle Paul says in Corinthians that our knowledge at Earth is limited and we can not know everything, and only in Heaven we are going to see the whole and all that is hidden will be disclosed. Hence these questions can be also answered only partially and, as Paul says, with some guessing.

Bible says our soul is immortal and when physical death comes it does not stop being but finds a new abode. But what do we know about how and who exactly we are going to remember and would we care about those beloved who were not redeemed? In one of his parables Jesus tells about two men: a rich one and a poor one. The rich one lived a luxurious life but his soul was sent to hell for eternal torments, while the poor one, due to living a righteous life, ascended to Heaven. And Bible says that rich man, being in torment, saw the righteous poor man talking to Abraham. And the rich man called out to the righteous one asking to warn his brothers that were still living. He didn’t want them to also come into this place of torment.

This parable shows us that one’s identity, with all their feelings and memories, does not disappear after physical death. But Bible also tells us that we all strive for the new Heaven and new Earth. The aforementioned parable does not describe Heaven, but Abraham’s Bosom. The point is that before the Resurrection of Jesus from dead souls of the righteous didn’t go to Heaven but instead to Abraham’s Bosom. And only after the Resurrection of Jesus righteous’ souls went to Heaven. It means they had to come through totally new experience. And new Heaven and Earth are waiting for us, even those already in Heaven. And the climax of Salvation will be God revealing His face to us. And it is written that He will wipe every tear from our eyes. It tells us there will be no sorrow, pain, sad memories.

We can not tell for sure whether we shall have memories of our dear and beloved, and what we shall feel if some of them will have not be redeemed. But one thing we can be sure of is there will be no sorrow as God shall wipe every tear from our eyes and there will be only joy.

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