What is laziness and how to struggle with it when you feel lazy to

Everyone at least once upon a time (usually even more often) felt  that there is no wish to do anything, but it’s needed to be done. The answer for the question why one doesn’t want to do is usually the next – laziness.  So let us find our where is it coming from and how to get rid of it.     

1. You got tired   

Tiredness can be accrued, becomes in big snowball and then comes to apathy, if not to deal with it. And this tiredness can be not only physical. It’s very important to understand that only you by yourself decide to live in apathy or to struggle with it. 

How to struggle with chronic tiredness? Remember what God did on the seventh day in Genesis, chapter 2? Yes, «and He rested». He was celebrating the results of His work, were enjoying it. And He also willed for us to have rest at this day. We need to understand that we do not have to work the whole week, waiting for rest, and then to reproach yourself for doing nothing at God’s Day. We need to have rest for His Glory, and then to work and give the fruits for God’s Glory.    

 2. No motivation  

The very right aim and motivation can help to struggle the laziness. Times flies very fast and we can’t turn the non-useful hours.  And it’s never too late to devote time to do the affairs, which you can’t find time for earlier.     

The highest aim of christian is place in Heaven. For having it, we need to live worth life here on the Earth, being awake and in spiritual development all the time. Think about how you can open Jesus Glory via your affairs, to show that God’s children are successful and hardworking. And laziness takes you to poverty, despondency and frustration.  

Look for and work at inner motivation, as soon as without it laziness will never get out of your life.     

3. Forced activity     

How often do you do something that you do not will at all? The majority would answer – often. We do what other people await from us, something that would be endorsed by social meaning. But the disgusting to these actions – grows up laziness in our conscious and unwilling to aspire for bigger. We put ourselves in frames, which we do not need at all. 

Get clarified in reasons of these actions and remember that God gives freedom from everything angry and unneeded. Do what exactly you need, real on God, not on person.

 4. Brain explosion  

Confusion comes when we have a lot of things to do, and it’s hard for us to understand what to start from. And it seems for us like there is no time for anything. But God gives us wisdom. And praying for wisdom, accepting it we realize that there should be time for everything: for praying, for ministry, for rest and for work, for family and for friends. 

Opening your heart for Holy Spirit you will accept moral power, as you will rely all your worries on God, and He will dispute your time, efforts and possibilities.   

5. Will do it later  

This phrase was said by anyone, who succumbed to laziness. You can create the most sophisticated plan to avoid very important work. But even if you make yourself to believe in any reason «to do it tomorrow», they will still be the lie. And lie is sin, which brings a lot of unpleasant results. Think about what is easier, to do something for five minutes or to «rake» the consequences, which get n chain for quite a long time? 

Rest gives us efforts to move to our aim, and laziness moves us only for poverty and misfortune. Do not encourage it.

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