What is pride

The first mention of the man’s sin was about the pride. Satan pushed Eve to this by promise: Genesis 3:5 “…ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil.”
Man wants to be exalted. He envies someone who is better him, and proud when he become better than others. We can say that envy and pride go hand in hand.
The first meaning of pride is a sense of self-respect. Isn’t that so bad? Yes, we have reason to be proud that we are God’s Children, and there are crowns waiting for us in Heaven. But the second meaning of the pride is arrogance. Every Christian should know the measure and understand the line between these two meanings.

Christian pride
Can a Christian be proud? The Bible often says this: “… God resisteth the proud, but gives grace to the humble.” James 4:6
Sometimes it is easy to distinguish a prideful person from others and perhaps even correct him. But there are people who hide their pride from others. They are not able to get rid of it on their own, although they understand the existence of such a problem. But with God’s help and the awareness of their pride, they can change situation. But in most cases, we even do not suspect that pride will captivate our souls and at one point it can cause a very strong blow to our spiritual life.
Let us talk a little about the secret side of our pride.
Loud kindness
We can think…kindness is a virtue, isn’t it? But mostly it hides the pride. Often we try to show our merciful actions to the whole world in order to be honored by the same “kind people”. The kindness is hypocritical, if we do this only for one reason – to be a good man.

Our kindness is a test of pride.
How can we understand if there is no other subtext in our kindness? Remember. If our good deed is known only by me and God – such deed truly deserves to be called good. If my deed is known by another person, then there is a risk that the soul will increase the pride, after the praise. And if your good deed will be known by lot of people, you can not avoid pride. So, if you do good things only for reasons to be approved, praised, told the others, you have the germ of pride inside of you. And if you don’t stop it, it can start to grow.
Yes, it is said: 2 Corinthians 8:21 ” … for we seek good not only before the Lord, but also before men.” Means, it is important for us to be a good person in the eyes of people around us. But if we act well ONLY for the sake of human approval, and nothing else, then for what such kindness?
A good opinion of you may be a consequence, but the goal must be kindness. This is one of the simplest examples of how pride can appear and how it can be avoided.
The set of prideful person
In addition to the above, we have the list of things with the help of which people can hide pride:
• Love
• Meekness
• Craving for knowledge
Behind these things, it is difficult to recognize pride and it is important to understand your true goals. Do not be proud, but be afraid.
Pride is a very old, very sly and cruel sin. It’s so dangerous because there’s only a small step between pride and self-respect. The pride can impersonate any human virtue. And if we are not vigilant, you do not analyze the motives of our actions and work on our own desires, we can get into the network of pride. So in prayer, often repeat the words of king David: ” cleanse thou me from secret faults …” Lord.
And be sincere in your striving.

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