CITY OF LIGHT is one of the biggest and influential churches of Ukraine that was founded by Pastor Dmitry Mason with a small group of other believers in 1992. The church is part of the huge family of Foursquare Churches which amounts 67 thousand of churches all over the world and 7.2 million of believers. City of Light Church is located not only in the capital of Ukraine but it also has branches in such cities as Chernihiv, Dnipro, Boryspil, Bila Tserkva and Onufrievka

The name of the church was opened to us by God through the Gospel of Matthew 5:14-16: “You are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hidden…” That is why when you join us you will have the desire to bring the light to other people together with other brothers and sisters in Christ.

City of Light Church is the community of people joined together by love to God, other people and life. We preach His Word full of love.


We are saved, serve God and move towards Heaven that is the place for new life without problems and worries of this world. Only those who allowed God into their hearts will inherit His Kingdom. Here on earth we are called to live to the glory of Jesus Christ, be healthy, prosperous, blessed and to reach high standards of God through studying the Bible, listening to Christian preaching and serving people. We influence this world with our prayers about salvation, healing and piece. We teach people what tells the Word of God.

We bring the Gospel to society and do believe that God adds people to the church when we testify them about Christ. Only the active stand in society will help us to spread the word about Jesus as far as possible beyond the boundaries of Sunday Service. There are so many people in this world who live a dignified life, do good works of their heart, bring light to others but they don’t know the Creator who gave them their kind hearts and motivations. We desire very much for everybody to find His love and share it with others.


When we say about ministry we don’t mean just Sunday Service and testimony to our friends. Christian is not just a person who comes to the Church once a week. To be a Christian means to work and to help other people who lost their way, need support  and don’t know how to live further.

We help orphaned children, families in crisis, elderly people in difficult life circumstances who are left alone.

It’s a pity but there is a lot of temptation and evil in this world, that is why we started centers for rehabilitation of drug and alcohol addicted people “World Without Addiction” at the branches of City of Light Churches Union in order to bring more kindness to His glory. These centers bring freedom to people who found themselves in evil and see no way out. We are trying to show them human kindness and God’s love. Also there is support for relatives of addicted people who have already left faith that life can be somehow changed. We are doing our best to charge them with new power and to struggle further with addiction of close to them people.

Our church will be glad to accept each person who would like to join our big family of God and to serve to His glory


You may find the way to contact us at the website section CONTACTS. We will be glad to answer all your questions and give necessary information.