Conferences CONNECT 2018 Kiev

Immersion in the Word of truth, in worship, in communication, in praise, in the presence of God, all of that is about CONNECT Conference 2018 KIEV, which took place in CLC Church Kiev with participation of senior Pastor and senior Bishop of the Union of CLC Churches Dmitry Mason and Pastor Amy Muranko.

In the first day of CONNECT Conference 2018 KIEV, Pastor Amy shared message about main connections we need for integrity and harmony in our life. So, this is connect: with God, people, society. And first of all, it is connection with God, like with Him as the only Source of our life and everything alive. He created us to communicate with Him, and there is His will to speak, to lead, to help and to find mutuality from our side by the Holy Spirit to our hearts through His Word, because It brings life, pleasure, satisfaction and fullness to us…

In the morning of the second day CONNECT Conference 2018 KIEV, Pastor Amy gave us few steps which helped many of us to realize, accept and connect with a truth that God is always loving and gracious Father, He is always kind to His kids, whom He accepted, loved, adopted and showed them the blessing, based not on theirs doings, but based on what Jesus accomplished on the cross, and today, everyone who believes, will have access to Him as to the Father. But often, people are hold back by the fear, shame and offense from coming to His loving embrace and peace…  In the end of this part was freedom prayer from fear, shame and offense, in case these traps don’t let make next step for people to New Season of life with the Lord. And lot of people got their freedom from the lie what enemy tried to impose.

“I have been going under the pressure of my past for some long time in my life. And truly, I made a lot of mistakes and feeling of that was like a heavy stove on my shoulders… I could not make any serious step into the future, just because of the same words in my head: “you will not do that, even don’t try, remember who you are …. “. It happened over and over again. BUT, while Pastor Amy was leading me through the prayer, where i realized and accepted that I am defined by God and not my doings! And He tells that I am His son, always accepted, loved and justified! There is truth in my life now and in future! It was like veil fell from my eyes, I suddenly understood: I am complete free!”, – Konstantin P. shares.

“I was deprived of childhood, my parents used alcohol and there are same phrases what I could hear over and over again, and as it seemed to me it was like printed on my heart and consciousness forever: “nobody likes you”, “nobody needs you”, “why were you born?”  I was living with awareness about hole inside of my heart, which will never be healed. All of that smoothly got to my conscious, adult and family life, and I felt the same to my husband… And after prayer with Pastor Amy, I accepted the love of Heavenly Father, I realized and connected to the truth about me, as God created me and loves me for His wonderful plan in my life! Also, I made a decision to forgive my parents, because of the payment, which Jesus Christ paid on the cross for all sins! Now I am free!”, – Ekaterina M. shared her testimony.

The second part of CONNECT Conference 2018 KIEV was opened by senior Pastor and senior Bishop of the Union of CL Churches Dmitry Mason, with the main message of all the conference, about which Jesus the Lord was saying , when getting to Heaven: «Go and preach the Gospel, and make the disciples!». Actually Jesus hasn’t left us any other vision, this is His will  for all His representatives from all over the world, who are you and me, God’s Kingdom to be widespread and settled. Pst Dmitry reminded the story about David and Goliath, the main of which is to take responsibility at God these days, not to look for excuses and making other being guilty, because as soon as man takes the position of «victim» it leads to loosing immediately. But we need to know clearly  that in the most important struggle, the victory already has been taken by Jesus Christ the Lord, and we have only these little everyday’s struggles, which help our faith to grow and get stronger. That is why God’s Church is always light and salt, this is always the responsibility to God and society, this is always active life position and influence the surrounding world, wherever we are and whatever the obstacles we have around us! And the concluding part of the second conference day was Holy Spirit Night, where we all together were  worshipping God. Pst Amy’s message preceded to this, message was saying that Lord will never impose anything for us with force, this is man’s decision – to give his life to Jesus Christ the Lord, to accept His love and to experience freedom, because «Lord is that Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty» (2 Corinthians 3:17), but the  main task of man is to confess that there is a problem, to invite God to this sphere because it’s never too late to come to Him, to admit and realize the need in God’s touch, in His forgiveness, adoption, mercy and freedom… 

“I was always dreaming to have father because didn’t  have my earth father, was suffering because of it. I was always envying my friend, she had real family, with real father… I felt myself inferior  because of this, I was going very closed, not communicative , got a lot of complexes. which built a lot of boundaries in choosing life partner, in career, in personal issues… Generally saying, I was miserable and lonely… And when Pst Amy lead me in prayer, I refused to hide behind the walls of loneliness and rejection and by my own will and in conscious, I accepted Father’s complete love and allowed it to come into my heart, I experienced getting freedom! I will never be alone, He is always with me with His great promise not to leave me ever!”,  – Natalia V. gives her testimony. 

And the third day of great CONNECT Conference 2018 KIEV ended with Pst Amy Muranko’s  message about freedom, salvation and filling with Holy Spirit, when because of right connection with God, we simultaneously disconnect from not right, negative things in our life such as fair, offense, bitterness, doubt, disbelief and get freedom. And freedom is presence of Christ in our life, He takes off the “cover” from man’s heart and mind, the “cover” which didn’t allow man to see, and freedom gives new vision of what is available in Him!  Thus the evidence of our salvation is righteousness, the evidence of our freedom is peace, the evidence of Holy Spirit’s presence is joy! «For the kingdom of God is not meat and drink; but righteousness, and peace, and joy in the Holy Ghost» (Romans 14:17). It was special time in privacy with God, where God’s people experienced freedom, healing, renovation, refreshment and joy in Holy Spirit. We continue to accept the impressions, thanks and testimonies of what the Lord was doing all these days.

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