International Foursquare conference in Europe has taken place in Kiev

Dear friends, on April, 4-7th, a great event of International Foursquare European Conference took place for the first time in Kyiv, Ukraine. The topic of conference was «Kingdom-minded Leadership». This conference was aligned to see how much Kingdom-minded leaders are needed in ministry and in life. Such kind of leadership is critically needed in our time of challenges and possibilities.

Bible says that those who trusted in God, they changed the history. The leaders of 25 counties took part in the conference. National Foursquare Leader of Ukraine, Bishop Dmitry Mason opened the conference and he was preaching on the subject: «The greatness of God’s vision». Leader is a person of vision, God’s leader is a person of God’s vision. One of important part of the first conference day was cultural evening dedicated to Ukraine, its purpose and role in God’s plan. The participants of the conference were taken to know the history, culture, hospitality and the role of Ukraine in spreading christianity.

And also with famous Ukrainians,  the people of science, culture, diplomacy, who influenced to European countries. And the final part of the evening was the concert and delegates participating in exciting master-classes. During the following days of conference the preachers were: Kim Cecil – Foursquare Missioner from USA at St. Petersburg (Russia), Sokol Zefi – Foursquare National Kazakhstan Leader, Aleksandr Paschenko – Foursquare National Russian Leader, Luc Gishler – Foursquare National European Youth Leader, Renato Amato – Foursquare National Italian Leader. The service for youth and for women took place. During the conference ministry Pastor Jeff Roper interviewed Pastor Dmitry Mason about how he decided to join Foursquare, and Pastor Oleksandr Fedorov was interviewed about «Living Pearl» Orphanage.

The conference ended with Sunday’s ministry at congregation of City of Light Church, where the bishop Jeff Roper was preaching. All the conference was going in the atmosphere of family and love, inherent to World Foursquare Church. We believe that it became important inspiring historical event, which will influence not only Ukraine and Europe, but also all modern world.

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