Dmitry Mason


I am glad to meet you at our website of the Christian Church “City of Light”. My name is Dmitry Mason, I am senior Pastor of the City of Light Church in Kyiv, founder and senior Bishop of the Union of Evangelistic Churches of Ukraine, national leader of the worldwide Union of Foursquare Churches in Ukraine. I am also a public person as I am sure that we should be open to people and bring them what God commended to us.

Together with preaching and writing articles on spiritual and social topics, I have also created the audiobook “Success from Zero” and “Crisis – Peak of Possibilities”, wrote books “Earth Warmed by Sun” and “Divine Encounter”.


I believe that the real freedom for any person lies in simplicity and fluency of the Bible perception. This helps us to strengthen faith and accept miracles of healing, freedom, financial success and prosperity in all spheres of our life from God. Each person desires to live by strong, steadfast and victorious faith. This is the reason why we bring uncompromising and powerful message based upon the Word of God.

Receiving numerous testimonies of thousands of people where they tell how they rise in faith, enter their calling, start living victoriously and successfully I become more and more convinced that the Bible is the Word of God that may fundamentally change life of any person independently of how lost or broken the person is.

Personally for me serving God means serving His creation, people, and I love the mission our church has taken: to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The best thing every Christian can do independently of his social standing, employment or number of friends is to tell other people about God. Our purpose is to tell people about God’s love and bring hope that will grow into strong faith.

We may live the correct life, learn how to reach success, read different books about faith but if our heart isn’t humble and broken before God we won’t be able to be people blessed by Him.


I do believe that every person has to take active stand in society, compassion that is shown in good works. We all need to take responsibility for each aspect of our life, become leader for Christ, help to grow other people, pray for our country, believe and accept the best from God.

At some point each person starts to understand the words of Jesus Christ: “…it is more blessed to give than to receive”. We all can do this world better through good works, generosity and compassion and as a result to inherit the Kingdom of God.

Pace of life doesn’t leave time for deep thoughts. It is hard for us to have a look at situation from a new angle as society and mass media very often determine our life pointing the direction and telling their rules. But if you value life as the gift of God, ready to do something impossible, creatively different without fear of becoming pathfinder of your destiny, you will be able to grow.


At first I had only the word that God gave me: “Follow Me”. Then I entered the Bible College. God gave me dreams that captivated my mind. These dreams included my calling: I didn’t want and it didn’t worth to live differently…

When nobody knew about “City of Light” Church I had it in my heart. In 1991 after graduating from the Bible College group of believers and me founded the church community. This community grew into the big “City of Light” Church that gave life to many ministers in Ukraine and far abroad. Then I was ordained by imposition of hands by the international well known minister Dr. Bill Basansky to be the Pastor of the church. 


Four times I was chronicled among well-known politicians, people of arts, business and religion by Ukrainian Almanac “Face of Ukraine”, well-known Ukrainian editions for charitable and social work and also interviewed by different Christian and social online medias. And it’s wonderful because I can openly testify about endless love of Jesus Christ which has power to change people’s lives and also this is the possibility to be heard by You! 


If you want to ask me any questions or just follow my activity, please find below my social media links. There you will be able to find a lot of spiritual, informational, motivating materials: records of my preaching, my personal blog and video blog, answers to numerous questions that were asked by people who just came to God and a lot of other information.